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avatar for Rajesh Kumar Mistry

Rajesh Kumar Mistry

Alicante, Spain

Contact Me

Hey All!
A pleasure and an honour to be part OWTF and I am excited to be here with all you Beautiful Divine Love Warriors!

My name is Raji (Rajesh is my real name) and I am currently living in Alicante, Spain where I have been for the last 21 years. Originally from the UK, well, not so, I was born in Kenya and am of Indian origin.

I have been interested in Tantra for the last 10 years and have been trying to find the purest form. And it is only until recently that I connected with the true Kashmir Shaivism (Left Hand) Tantra offering.

I love it and the little I have practiced has blown my mind incredibly! I have always considered Sex to be sacred, and there is a lot of taboos over this but Tantra as I knew it and know it to be IS beautifully "narrated" as another path to Dharma & Enlightment, to Our Joy & Bliss in every form, here on Mother Earth. This IS Heaven! I am so looking forward to connecting with you all and getting the support from the workshops (even though I have joined late) to help me grow, expand and unite us all as a force that is more to our true and divine nature.

Even though Sacred Sexuality is only 1/8th of what Tantra is as a whole, it plays a huge part in the "coming together" (no pun intended LOL) of OneSelf and Seeing, Feeling and Sensing others in the same way, as the Divine Gods & Goddesses that we all are and came to Be.

My life journey has been awesome and yet very intense, and I am still here to share my story, aid and serve others and exponentially expand my horizons and connect with Soul Mates, Lovers, Partners, Soul Families & Communities and invite in new Soul Contracts as the time is ripe for all of us to do so, Personal & Internal growth has been my main focus and I have shed limiting beliefs, dogmas and life experiences (all from which I have learnt and expanded from and continue to do so), so that I can Be the Love, the Joy, the Shiva & the Shakti, the Gentle and True Masculine Love Warrior that is in My True Authenticity and Authority.

Spiritually, I am well attuned (with work still in progress like all things) and what has been a feat for me is to be here on this physical plane. And now it is ever more clearer for me as I merge & integrate the spiritual with the physical and the multidimensional Being that I am.

Even though I am about to launch my Digital Media Agency, I am a certified Yoga teacher and Energy Healer. I Am an Alchemist of Energy & Emotion and a Master of Sound & Energy. These are the tools I have used to alchemise (and continue to do so) limiting beliefs, conditionings, childhood trauma, Societal and Cultural structures & behaviours. I also own a fashion business, have taken groups on retreats to sacred places, and regularly offered meditations, Yoga & Fun play on the beach. THere has been a puase of about 2 years and my desire is to incorporate all this under one "foundation".

I am regaining my inner strength and inner virtues and the Light Bearer & Way Shower I came to Be as that is My Soul Imprint & path too.

I am excited to be here and connect with you all, and I am very grateful to the organisers of this AWEAmazing "RE-Union"!
I am looking forward to meeting everyone and diving in deep.

Much Love & the Force is Definitely with US! :-)
Thank you
Friday, November 20

14:30 PST

16:30 PST

21:00 PST

Saturday, November 21

01:00 PST

07:00 PST

13:30 PST

17:30 PST

19:30 PST

23:30 PST

Sunday, November 22

01:30 PST

05:30 PST

10:30 PST

13:00 PST

Tuesday, November 24

22:30 PST

Wednesday, November 25

01:00 PST

08:00 PST

11:00 PST

13:00 PST

Thursday, November 26

04:00 PST

06:30 PST

18:30 PST

Friday, November 27

02:00 PST

04:30 PST

07:00 PST

14:00 PST

Saturday, November 28

15:00 PST

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