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avatar for Phil Brown

Phil Brown

Melbourne, Australia
ensual Dominant
who fully embraces his
adistic & ensual sides
I thoroughly enjoy impact play from spanking barehanded to using a selection of paddles, crops and canes along with other thuddy or stingy instruments of pain/pleasure, especially the non-traditional toys that I have perverted.
If you are familiar with ElitePain and their Wheel of Pain series and would like to play a game with me get in touch.
I am very much an artist painting a canvas with weird brushes.
"She is the canvas and I am the painter I'm holding the paints and the paintbrush and I am using sensations instead of oil paints". - Master Arcane
"To me doing things like this are 10 times, 100 times more intimate than penis in vagina sex because its the trust level" - The Pope @ 17:58 in the School Of Submission: Kristen Scott Day 1 shoot
I have finally accepted that I have evolved into a Sadist hearing those delicious little whimpers from the pain that I am inflicting on you is a massive turn on for me now, but at my very core, I am still a Sensual/Service Top I will give you what is it that you need/want but I will also throw in those sensations that you don't like to keep you guessing and on your toes. Yes, I have evolved into a
ensual adist
if you will refer to me as such he's the evil other side of my personality we are one and the same and make a delicious dichotomy together
If you would like to be my next canvas message me
I like to refer to my style of play as the darkness and the light. Come join me in the shadows
I want a scene to involve the perfect combination of pain and sensuality and ensure that we both have Fun yes with a capital F. I like to remain playful as I do not take myself too seriously, however, when it comes to our safety I am very focused. Nothing I do will ever go without pre-negotiated terms, I will not do anything unwanted and do not play with partners before a certain level of trust has been built between the two of us. I want my partners to feel that they can rely on me and that I am dependable and no matter what 'fucked up shit' we engage in together that they will feel challenged but always respected.
"Domination is a privilege built of earned trust and established success"; - Unknown
"My philosophy of dominance: When a submissive entrusts me with power, that is her gift to me; what I do with that power is my gift to her". - DesmondRavenstone
Who I am and why am I here?
I am first and foremost a sensual person but I am discovering more about myself every day and once again I have a thirst for learning and sharing the knowledge that I pick up on my journey. If you find my profile interesting and have any questions just shoot me through a message and I will share with you what I have learnt.
I loved this so much that I had to transcribe it and place it on my profile as this is truly how I feel also.
"Google is this fabulous thing it’s when people ask me questions about stuff I am more than happy to share any information I have and if I don’t have it I’ll help you find it or I’ll find someone who does and I’ll hook you guys up because real education is key for anything you do in life so why not knowledge is power and we’re all sponges aren’t we. Just because we’re not 3 anymore doesn’t mean we can’t learn." - Kaede Young from BDSM Documentary
Friday, November 20

12:00 PST

14:30 PST

19:00 PST

21:00 PST

Saturday, November 21

01:00 PST

09:30 PST

12:00 PST

13:30 PST

17:30 PST

Sunday, November 22

07:30 PST

13:00 PST

16:30 PST

23:00 PST

Monday, November 23

09:00 PST

17:00 PST

Tuesday, November 24

18:30 PST

21:00 PST

Wednesday, November 25

03:30 PST

11:00 PST

13:00 PST

21:30 PST

Friday, November 27

14:00 PST

16:00 PST

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