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Intimate Self Touch [clear filter]
Monday, November 23

17:00 PST

Birthing Business from the mystery - A Tantric Guide to Spiritual Business
During this workshop I will teach you about the WILD BUSINESS model of Embodied Business & will take you on a guided, experiential journey into the core and heart of the dark, where the seeds of your creative potential emerge 

This workshop will potentially involve a practise of self pleasure & sublimation as a part of the ritual. You will need to turn your cameras off for the guided journey and then turn them back on afterwards.

Please no late arrivals.

Bring massage/body oil suitable for genital touch. 

avatar for Sigourney Belle Weldon

Sigourney Belle Weldon

Sigourney Belle is an International Bestselling Author, Spiritual Teacher & is known for her work as the Founder & Director of The Wildgrace Movement and The Dark Empire, two Globally recognised businesses where she teaches Soul Embodiment, Esoteric & Tantric Philosophy, blended into... Read More →

Monday November 23, 2020 17:00 - 18:30 PST
Hall 1
Wednesday, November 25

11:00 PST

Make Love & Deep Intimacy through Orgasmic Touch.

How to do erotic massage or tantra massage? We go beyond the lingam (penis) or yoni (vagina) teaching good  Sex Education.  We will show you how to be a great lover. Less porn more real connections. Healthy relationship advice too.

Do you feel you hold back and hide your authentic desires?
Are you afraid of being “too much”, “too naughty" or "too needy"?
Are you longing for that deeper connection?
Or maybe you're a Sexual Jedi destined to know every aspect of being a master lover!

Creating sacred union (that never fades) fosters connection beyond your wildest dreams.
We at Orgasmic Heart share a safe way to confidently open to long lasting intimacy, great sex and courageous connection.

Come Alive, feeling accepted in your desires while learning erotic massage online from a place of rich self love and a harmonious attitude of gratitude.

If youwant to try the massage they will need a comfortable space with sarong and oil. You are welcome to show each other the massage methods they are trying and ask questions.  

avatar for Deva Presence

Deva Presence

Meet Deva PresenceAfter nearly a decade of study and practice, I have finally unraveled the secrets to being a multi-orgasmic lover. The solutions are wild and unknown to most, yet tangible and effective.Defeating anxiety in sex finally began the more I accepted my nature and listened... Read More →

Wednesday November 25, 2020 11:00 - 12:30 PST
Hall 2

13:00 PST

Self Pleasure with the Erotic Blueprints
We will explore an hour led guided self pleasure session based on the 5 Erotic Blueprints: Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky and Shapeshifter. You may discover your preference for one, all or be surprised to find yourself intrigued by a new Blueprint you've never explored! We will explore a description of each, words to captivate and turn on each Blueprint, some possible shadow sides to each Blueprint, how to solo feed yourself in all the types and ways to enhance more eroticism in your solo pleasure escapades!

During the Energetic, we will explore energy, breathwork, deep soul connection to Self, self touch that may elicit energetic responses in ones body, heart and soul.

As we explore the Sensual Erotic Blueprint, we will caress ourselves in a way to bring out the deepest sensual self experience, heightening all the senses with yummy fabrics, taste, smells and deeply delicious sensations.

When we traverse the ever so explicit Sexual Blueprint, we will bring deep attention to our primary and secondary erogenous zones and explore the vigor and arousing heights and power of the genitals.

Exploring our Kinky blueprint will explore themes of dominant and submissive, pain and pleasure, taboos, fantasies, psychological kink vs sensation kink and so much more!
Lastly, our quest to explore the Shapeshifter will be a combination of all the Erotic Blueprints, seamlessly dancing between them all!

Since we will be exploring the various Erotic Blueprints of Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky and Shapeshifter--we will use different tools, toys, objects to represent each blueprint. Please bring any fun/sexy/sensual items. Some ideas would include feathers, yoni eggs/crystals, silk fabric, furs, favorite lubricant/coconut oil, ice, dark chocolate, berries, sensual foods, sensual body candles, floggers, chains, rope, (anything kinky), a fork, Wartenberg Pinwheel and anything else your creative, sexy self can think of! 

avatar for Candice Leigh

Candice Leigh

Candice Leigh is a yogini, Tantrika, Sexological Bodyworker, somatic sex educator and writer in NYC. She is an Urban Tantra Practitioner, Shamanic Breathwork facilitator, Wheel of Consent Practitioner, ISTA Level 1 & 2 assistant, Dharma Yoga of Austin teacher, Phoenix Rising Yoga... Read More →

Wednesday November 25, 2020 13:00 - 14:30 PST
Hall 2
Thursday, November 26

00:00 PST

Devotional Sex - Meeting Your Inner Lover
Meet Yourself in Devotional Sex

Life force and arousal starts within.

Sex comes from within.

The paradigm of wanting another to meet our needs and fulfil our desires means that we outsource and externalise our desire for great sex, for pleasure and to be met devotionally.

This workshop is offering a deeper enquiry into what 'Sex' is and bringing it within to create the possibility of experiencing exquisite, devotional and ecstatic sex.

From the way we commune with ourselves, how we speak, touch and pleasure ourselves right through to the way we care for our bodies, our minds and our hearts... sex is always present through the way we relate to ourselves devotionally.

This 1hr workshop will take you through:
+ devotional practices
+ how to cultivate your erotic current
+ types of touch to awaken devotion in your body

There will be a guided self-devotion embodiment journey

avatar for Ilsa Fay

Ilsa Fay

The Ilsa Fay
Ilsa Fay is an event producer, feminine embodiment leader, creative director, performer and host of the Sex, Money & Power podcast.She works in the realms of sexuality and consciousness, with a desire to bring forth radical change in global mindset and and consciousness.Born in the... Read More →

Thursday November 26, 2020 00:00 - 01:30 PST
Hall 2

02:00 PST

M. Space XL

We believe that the body is made for pleasure and carries a huge Orgasmic potential. We just have to remember how to open, how to relax and how to feel.

A quick fix, a short intense peak, an easy sexual high. It is satisfying for a moment but it doesn’t open new fields of Ecstasy. Only when we go off the beaten track, we discover new pathways for deep pleasure.

So many times we tense up or hold back when we pleasure ourselves, afraid that when we open, unpleasant feelings arise. So we block, we numb ourselves and we try to be satisfied with shallow experiences, both in sex as in life.

In the workshop M.space, Kaya Jiwan and the M.guides invite you to explore a different kind of Masturbation: the M. space of M. on Monday.

M.on Monday creates weekly a space where people around the world come together in a group and in the safety of their own homes to explore how they can use Masturbat:on as a tool for Transformation.

With every week different M.guides, different practices and different themes the every M.space has it’s own flavor, style and taste.

For One Tantra festival we created a special M.space XL where you can taste and try how Masturbation can be a tool for Transformation to enrich your life on all levels.

There will be a short introduction, before we will dive into the M.space where the M. guide will support you in an intimate practice of Masturbat:on.

avatar for Kaya Jiwan

Kaya Jiwan

Founder, This is M
TEDx speaker Kaya Jiwan is specialized in awakening through orgasm. She is an international mentor and one of the leading voices in the field of transformation.      Although she is trained by the best teachers in the world, the success of Kaya is her Layered Body System. A methodology... Read More →

Thursday November 26, 2020 02:00 - 03:30 PST
Hall 2

06:30 PST

From Sex to Spirit - Self Pleasure as a Spiritual Practice
This is a live ritual where all participants will be invited to dive into a sex magic ritual practice where we use eros as our prayer and orgasm as a powerful manifestation tool to change the world.  

You will be guided into a held space where together we will explore elements os sacred touch, intention and prayer to pleasure your body in a way like never before.

Those interested in joining are invited to have a ritual space set up; altar, candle, coconut oil etc.

We will begin with a brief chat on the difference between masturbation and self pleasure and then follow into a sacred ritual space (would be best if students visit "The Power Between Your Legs Workshop 1st)

Genital touch is invited and screens will be off when we drop into ritual

avatar for Amanda Biccum

Amanda Biccum

Evolutionary Sex & Intimacy Coach, @amanda.biccum
Amanda Biccum is an Evolutionary Coach and Embodiment Facilitator dedicated to helping individuals discover deeper connections to themselves, their passion, and their pleasure.She uses modalities from her experience with various traditions, cultures, and practices around the world... Read More →

Thursday November 26, 2020 06:30 - 07:30 PST
Hall 2
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