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Monday, November 23 • 17:00 - 18:30
Attachment Theory: Beginning the Journey to Secure Attachment

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(IMPORTANT: Please do the Attachment Quiz before the class (http://tiny.cc/AttachmentQuiz) Afterward you can use your score to locate yourself on the map of attachment https://bit.ly/30RA0h6 -- keep in mind that this will give you an idea where you lean, but also how hard each style is pulling you towards their corner)


Join the "Attachment Community: Home of the Journey to Secure" FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/attachmentcommunity/


It was perhaps just a few weeks or months since you discovered attachment theory. You learned about the two main types of insecure strategies --avoidance and anxiety-- and the patterns of behavior that express these insecurities through a relationship to needs that seem to come from a deep and young part of yourself.

This class is about beginning the journey to a more mature relationship to needs. A journey to self-care and to interdependence. A journey to a secure attachment style.

Secure people, when you notice them, have the uncanny ability to create a life that seemingly *just*works*. But underneath this peaceful life lies a great ability to engage with their needs and the needs of others in a healthy dance where no-one --not even themselves-- is ever forgotten. What is this ability? What is this dance? This is what the class will begin to show you.

In this original class, you will learn...

β˜… To locate yourself more clearly on the map of attachment styles.
β˜… To recognize your insecure patterns more readily, and to share them without shame with the people you engage with.
β˜… How to begin to plan your journey to a secure attachment style.
β˜… Somatic, emotional, physical, social, spiritual, and primal practices to develop in order to grow your emotional balance.
β˜… To answer the question "What do a secure person do?" with clarity when in a difficult situation.
β˜… To identify who are the secure people in your life and who are your anchors
β˜… How to find a good coach/counselor/therapist with a focus on attachment theory
β˜… Practices for the individual and for couples to anchor/stabilize each other, and the downsides/reduction of control/freedom of being in intimate relationships

Participants should do the Attachment Quiz: https://www.fyrebox.com/play/attachment-quiz_wdGGqvQpo

What is Exquisite Dark Love Coaching?

Exquisite Dark Love is yours truly (Philippe Lewis) exploring the messiness of humans and open sourcing clarity and wisdom through critical thinking and conversations. His purpose is to support individuals and communities on the path of exploration, connection, trust, and sovereignty. When we come together, wisdom and support naturally arise, and this is how shift and growth happen! Welcome to the new paradigm of living and relating. Welcome to the path of Exquisite Dark Love.

Website: www.exquisitedark.love
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/exquisitedarklove/
News, Events, Classes: www.facebook.com/groups/exquisitedarklove/

Who is Philippe Lewis?

Philippe is a relationship educator. He created Exquisite Dark Love to support men and women in making better choices for themselves and each so they can become sovereign humans through the practice of connection, trust, consent, intimacy, love, and the exploration of attachment theory. He is the co-founder of ReMENber Brotherhood Journey, a coordinator with ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts, and a modern voice on critical thinking around morality and the integration of Masculine, Feminine, Dark, Light, and Shadow. Over the years, he founded the Open Relationship Community, the Attachment Community, and the Consent Community to support new emerging conversations on these important topics. He is also the happy father of a 9 year old boy who teaches him how to surrender to love and life more fully every day.

Facebook Wall: www.facebook.com/fuzzyp
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/philippesimonlewis/

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Philippe Lewis

Owner, Exquisite Dark Love
What is Exquisite Dark Love Coaching?Exquisite Dark Love is yours truly (Philippe Lewis) exploring the messiness of humans and open sourcing clarity and wisdom through critical thinking and conversations. His purpose is to support individuals and communities on the path of exploration... Read More →

Monday November 23, 2020 17:00 - 18:30 PST
Hall 3