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๐Ÿ’™ The Zoom links will be published in the festivals private Facebook Group a few hours before each session. The "Stream video" button on each workshop will lead you to the post about this workshop within the Facebook group. This is where you will find the Zoom link when the time comes, as well as where you can continue to share about your experience after the workshop.

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Friday, November 20

14:30 PST

16:30 PST

21:00 PST

Saturday, November 21

04:30 PST

07:00 PST

10:00 PST

17:30 PST

19:30 PST

Sunday, November 22

05:30 PST

16:30 PST

18:30 PST

21:00 PST

Monday, November 23

05:00 PST

07:00 PST

09:00 PST

17:00 PST

Tuesday, November 24

04:30 PST

08:30 PST

10:30 PST

18:30 PST

21:00 PST

Wednesday, November 25

11:00 PST

15:00 PST

Thursday, November 26

02:00 PST

04:00 PST

06:30 PST

10:00 PST

11:30 PST

14:00 PST

20:30 PST

Friday, November 27

07:00 PST

20:00 PST

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