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Cathy Vartuli

The Intimacy Dojo
San Jose, California

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Cathy Vartuli is a sex-positive emotional freedom coach. She is a Ph.D. Engineer and Research Scientist turned Relationship and Sex Educator, best-selling author and educator who presents workshops internationally on relationship skills, body image, trauma release, and sexuality.Cathy is deeply aware of the struggles people can have with body image, social awkwardness and shyness. After 14 years of not dating because she thought she was too fat and too traumatized, she decided to start living her life now… rather than waiting until someday.Using her research skills she studied everything she could find that would let “regular” people (the non-extroverted, non-models) have an authentic and powerful dating and relationship experience. And she tested out her understanding and developing theories in real life, on herself and with her clients, to create approaches that worked for the shy and awkward. Cathy has worked with thousands of clients from 72 countries, has presented at AASECT, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, CatalystCon, Converge Con, Guelph Sexuality Conference, numerous summits, podcasts and radio shows. As a certified Cuddle Party Facilitator, she’s been seen on Bill Nye The Science Guy discussing consent and Cuddle Parties.She helps people leverage their shyness and awkwardness to initiate and build connection, and grow past limiting beliefs, old hurts and self-sabotage to create relationships that are warm, fulfilling and passionate.Cathy doesn’t want anyone to wake up at the end of their lives and wonder where it all went… Anyone can start living now!You can find out more about Cathy at www.TheIntimacyDojo.com

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